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This showreel is to display the qualities needed and skills gained throughout the year to achieve the goal of four completed makeup, special effects and hair design looks. 
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At the age of forty, I decided that I wanted a change and new challenges. So from the comfort of a Beauty industry I had been in for the previous Twenty-four years I started applying for little makeup jobs that took me away from the grind of salon work by doing a day here, weekend there. Eventually working with Sky Television for a mid season premier of a well known show combined with world Vegetarian day (not something you get to see every day!) This gave me a taste of media makeup and I knew I wanted more.

So, starting with studying with a Higher National Diploma in Makeup Artistry at college in Scotland, I am now at the next level of doing my BA (Hons) in Media Makeup with Hair design and Special effects at York College partnered with Open University.

The purpose of this blog is to have an academic record of this year including photography modules, business studies and finally New practical skills learned in order to produce four main images representing a topic of my choice which will be researched and concluded with a three-thousand word dissertation.

I will not lie, It will be an upward battle to get to the end, Coming from Scotland I will be doing a lot of catch up work due to restrictions imposed due to the Corona Virus and subsequent government guidelines closing my college campus and banning makeup for a full year.
I do not tell you this for pity, but so that you can get an understanding of just how committed I am to pushing my comfort levels and learning the skills needed to accomplish my goal of getting a first grade pass.

From this point on the blog will be written in third person, while I will not tell you about every week that passes, I will be detailing the parts I am both proud and frustrated about on my journey to that pass mark.

I look forward to having you with me on this wild ride of mature studies!
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