13 Jan

Learning new skills takes time. Something the tight schedule of ten months does not necessarily allow for. 

The way of working around this is is to see one try one do one.  For example, the face casting needed for the full prosthetic look. Face casting has never been done before so an extra day on campus watching a demonstration on how to do each step with correct process along with weights and measures was deemed the quickest way to introduce this new skill.  On this day several face casts were done including ones own face.  This initial cast will be used as the practice piece,  once a step has been completed it will then be copied back in Edinburgh on the actual model to be used for this look. Effectively learning on the job, eliminating some time that would normally be taken up to get to the same point of readiness. 

Lessons will be learned, on the first sitting of the model cast, the alginate and modrock was not taken round far enough on the right hand side so when the negative part of the cast was poured, it was uneven. A mistake that will not be repeated. However the core was easily corrected on the second pour eliminating any of the imperfections ready to start with the sculpting. 

it is such a peaceful part of the process, sitting and effectively playing with bits of rubber and clay. Can you  believe that is an actual job that a multi billion pound industry actually wants to pay people to do? Just Wow!

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