13 Jan

As you proceed through this blog, please do not mistake it as a diary, but a starting point, to help you understand why certain decisions are made, How big a step some goals are and why you might get the impression at times, that a slightly frazzled look exists accompanied by a whisper of "oh dear ...?"

As you may imagine, day one resulted in a serious consideration of life choices!  After spending the whole day listening to what academic level was expected at the Batchelor of Arts level, combined with the realisation the practical skill sets of class colleagues was far and beyond, the feeling of impending doom appeared at the thought of being massively classed and that dominated over everything else! Is it actually going to be possible to stay the course?

This year you will see progression through and documentation of :

  • Photography modules, learning how to use a canon camera and master lighting techniques to create content for three different mini briefs, plus create content for a show reel which will demonstrate how she achieved the best of her work through out the year.
  • Ethics application, abide by certain ethical practices  in order to carry out the necessary research on the chosen topic for major project and dissertation.
  •  The Major Project itself. finding inspiration that results in a chosen topic to study, after justifying why  that particular one, this will be followed up with research, deciding between questionnaires or focus group, plus using practical skills to create four images that will represent said topic. 
  • This academic blog detailing challenges, achievements, new skills and the steps taken to master them, How obstacles wee overcome when choosing models and what inspired the activity required for each of the final images.

When previous studies involved a grand total of a one-thousand word essay on the history of hair and a full year of pandemic restrictions. Being a practical see it do it type, with academic writing being the like kryptonite, brings about the knowledge that tough decisions would have to made regarding what is actually achievable and what is not. It is quite startling, Knowing university level studies are a different standard to college, then actually being faced with the reality of exactly HOW different has been a big wake up call!

Not one to shy away from a challenge, You will see progression throughout that will wipe that frazzled look away and finishing the experience at York College confident and very capable in the makeup, wigs and special effects fields!

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