13 Jan

Now that a topic has finally been chosen, work must begin on acquiring the skills needed to produce those vital final images.

This brings about a whole new slew of swear words! As you may remember from the introduction the practical skills needed for this course are somewhat lacking.

However, here is where the lecturers are guardian angels, if you believe in that sort of thing. Several conversations on what is wanted compared to what is currently achievable, a few sleepless nights followed by a whole new level of encouragement and a belief that anything is possible if the hard work is put in, and a plan of action is in place with a list of new skills needed. 

These new skills will include but may not be limited to - Face and hand casting, Fibre glassing, clay sculpting, flat moulds, using silicone with flocking and alcohol paints, creating a wig from scratch which will involve head measuring, learning whip stitch for lace foundations and then ventilating of the hair onto the foundation, then once complete styling of the wig to suit the look. it is  not a short list, but with the lecturers ongoing support, it is absolutely do-able.

This might sound strange to someone who does not know special effects makeup, But being in the full PPE kit, is exhilarating! When these safety suits are adorned, it is not for a fun picture - although one should never ignore the opportunity should it arise!  They are crinkly, they itch, your face sweats in places it is not natural and the gloves make you a little cack handed. But when this full alien suit is worn, one is creating something brand new and amazing, and quite simply  there is no better feeling than that!

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