13 Jan

In order to demonstrate the ability to design a look from start to finish along with team work, A collaboration with like minded people in the industry would be advantageous.

In the case of this project,  a collaboration with a photographer local to Edinburgh will take place for the first photoshoot.  The location where the shoot will take place hair and makeup along with outfit will all be decided in advance, however it will be left to the photographer to discuss and decide on the best use of lighting and shooting mode on the day. They  will also be responsible for any edits to be carried out to the final pieces.

This photoshoot is a simple beauty makeup on an eighty-two year old friend so the decision to use a professional photographer is more based on wanting to give the model high quality photos for her own personal keepsake.  Yes all the final images will be of a high standard - but those images will be approached with more control on a professional level. By wanting to give the model copies of these photos, the brief of Project photos as well as additional gifted photos will be given thus separating the two reasonings. 

It is yet to be decided if these photos will be on a time for print basis or if a cash payment or exchange of skills will be required.  Although originally planed to take place during the inter-semester weeks of January, this shoot has been pushed back to id February in order to suit the needs of the model. 

There is still potential for a second photographer to be used for shoot three, the full face prosthetics, However at the time of blog submission the matter is still outstanding as it is undecided where the photoshoot will take place, Edinburgh or York. 

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