13 Jan

As part of the Course this year, a photography module must be completed. There will be various briefs given which will require specific styles, for example black and white portrait, that will require the use of models and take place both in studio with lecture assistance and on location flying solo. Obviously the hair and makeup will be carried out in tandem with makeup artist also playing photographer. 

This will cover absolutely everything needed in preparation for taking those final end of project photographs so that the makeup, wig or prosthetic work looks best. 

Starting with a very basic idiots guide on how to use a camera, explaining in layman's terms how to get the right ISO, exposure and shutter speed - what does any of that even mean? Okay, not the easiest thing to try and create an artistic eye for detail, but it is not over night so there is time to practice.  Over the first few months,  feedback given was that there was an actual knack for directing models on how to pose and get the desired look, accompanied with a keen eye for getting some great shots. Who Knew?!

However, With photoshoots must also come editing. Unfortunately, this means learning and mastering the use of Apple Mac Computers, which should be  easy enough given every man and there dog uses iphones or ipads. Wrong! very very wrong. They may be machines but that does not stop them being  temperamental, intermittently allowing log ins, then if or when it does allow a log on, the new question is will today be the day it opens photoshop or lighroom, probably not, oh wait yes it will, but do not get too cocky because then it refuses to actually work once open.  The frustration is real, oh so very real. 

Once a grip on using the actual computer has been achieved,  learning how to use the software is a whole new challenge. there are so many folders and sub folders and  sub sub folders where commands are clicked to achieve a softer look, take a way a stray wisp of hair or circle one particular area of the photo to just make brighter  or darker in contrast the the rest of the image.  It is complicated, it brings out the inner toddler in everyone with tantrums when something does not work but not knowing why. 

When it does work though, when the right camera setting are used, the model has rocked the desired look and the editing it a smooth transition - oh that sweet sweet satisfaction of a job well done! 

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