13 Jan

While the decision to commute to the opposite end of the country has absolutely been the right one. It is not easy!

Leaving home at five am on a Thursday morning for a two and a half hour train journey, a full day or academic studies, yes photography has academic space in the brain and not practical, a walk to overnight accommodation, usually a few hours of homework before bed. Followed the next day by a 9am start in class for the practical work and another two and a half hour train journey home before finally sitting on the couch around eight pm.

It is an intense two days. Paying the full bills expected at home along with the equivalent of a second rent for travel and bed and breakfast each week.  

There is a never ending level of exhaustion and penny pinching, even with the student loan. 

But My oh my, is it worth it!! The course is only half way through, the final images are still a distant dream at the moment. But the belief that they will happen and that others in the orbit also believe they will happen is creating a level of confidence not experienced before.  The knowledge, and skills being gained will be used far into the future and for that, every missed minute of sleep and extra pound paid, IS WORTH IT!

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